Top 50 Blogs for Pregnant Working Moms

These days, it is not uncommon for moms to work outside the home either part time or full time. However, being a working mother carries with it certain challenges. It can be extremely helpful for some working mothers to be able to connect with those who have similar interests and challenges, and even get a little career advice and help. Here are 50 blogs for pregnant working moms who want to connect:

General Pregnancy Blogs

389px-Pregnant_womanLearn about pregnancy and the development of your baby. Learn what to expect, and how to cope with the situation. Also includes blogs on fertility, miscarriage and more.

  1. Stirrup Queens: Learn more about the ups and downs of all things related to having babies.
  2. A Little Pregnant: Follow the crazy adventures associated with pregnancy.
  3. Serenity Now!: A blog about finding serenity during the craziness of pregnancy, fertility treatments and all things child-related.
  4. Relaxing Doesn’t Make Babies: A look at attempts to get pregnant, and how to deal with being pregnant.
  5. Babyfruit: This is a blog about pregnancy, and, specifically, miscarriage. However, it also goes through successful pregnancy and mothering.
  6. How To Make a Family: An interesting blog about the business of baby-making.
  7. Fit Pregnancy Blog: Learn to take better care of yourself — and your baby — during pregnancy.
  8. Pregnancy & Baby Blog: Get an idea of your baby’s development, learn how to cope with pregnancy, and learn to care for your baby.

Childbirth Blogs

Learn more about childbirth and what to expect. Helpful information on having a helpful baby, and also information on breastfeeding and care for your baby.

  1. Enjoy Birth: Provides you with helpful information on making childbirth a more enjoyable experience.
  2. Bellies and Babies: Learn about having babies, issues in childbirth and how to make the most of your mothering experience.
  3. Childbirth Today: This is a good look at modern childbirth and how you can approach it in a healthier way.
  4. Natural Childbirth & Baby Care: Tips for having a natural childbirth and for taking care of your baby in a more natural manner.
  5. A Much Better Blog: Focuses on childbirth and caring for children in a more sustainable way.
  6. Breastfeeding Mums: Learn more about breastfeeding, and how it can benefit you and your child.
  7. WorkAndPump: This is a great site about milk production and more for working mothers who need to pump.
  8. The Working Cow: Another place to find focus on working while caring for an infant.

Working Mom Blogs

Once you have the baby, you become a working mom (or maybe you already are and are on your second or third child). It can be helpful to get tips, information and connect to other moms who work.

  1. Not Just a Working Mom: Explores the lifestyle of a working mom who wants to actually have her own life in between all of her responsibilities.
  2. Work It: This blog aimed at working mothers can help you learn to balance work and being a mom.
  3. The Intrepid Mompreneur: Chronicles the efforts of a mom who starts businesses and writes books. Oh, and she’s divorced and paying alimony.
  4. BellyItch: This mompreneur works from home and writes about it, along with a healthy helping of celebrity mom gossip.
  5. Wonderbelly: Another great blog from a work at home mom (WAHM).
  6. Another Working Mom: A blog about raising kids while you work.
  7. STLWorkingMom: This is aimed at working moms in St. Louis, but the advice and help applies to working moms just about everywhere.
  8. The Juggle: The Wall Street Journal offers a blog, offered by Sue Shellenbarger, on juggling work and family.
  9. Crazy Working Mom: Follow the adventures of a mom as she attempts to keep her sanity as she balances kids and work.

Mom Blogs with Attitude

Not all moms are sugar sweet. Indeed, many of them are quite feisty. Get a little dose of motherhood served with attitude.

  1. Dooce: This is the blog that made mommyblogging a household name. Unconventional look at the life of a mother.
  2. Queen of Spain: This politically active mom has attitude and then some. Also, read about her ongoing health problems as she attempts to raise a family.
  3. Motherhood Uncensored: Get down to the nitty gritty of everyday motherhood.
  4. Baby Bunching: A blog my moms who are bunching their babies up and telling it like it is.
  5. Two Moms Make a Baby: This is an interesting and unconventional blog about a same-sex couple and their journey to having a baby.
  6. Suburban Turmoil: Get a full dose of feisty mothering reality on this blog that is open about the sometimes challenging way of life as a suburban mom.
  7. MomGrind: This mother and professional blogger writes about issues facing society, women in general and mothers.
  8. Crazy Bloggin’ Canuck: Get motherhood from a Canadian perspective. And enjoy the craziness that is being a mom.
  9. City Mama: Get a taste of motherhood, city-style. Upfront and real, this mom offers a great deal of interesting information for your life, as well as for raising children.

Christian Mom Blogs

If you are concerned about your Christian sensibilities and raising children, you can get a different perspective on parenting and mothering.

  1. A Homegrown Life: A look at motherhood from a conservative Christian point of view.
  2. LA Moms Blog: This blog is written by a collection of moms in LA, many of them Christian and liberal.
  3. A Day in the Life of MaMa: Get an inside look at raising children as a Christian. She’s a stay at home mom, but her insights are applicable to working moms.
  4. Christian Working Mom: Provides insight into maintaining Christian values in your home, even while working outside it. Also includes an online Bible study.
  5. Christian Work at Home Moms: If you work from home and are a Christian mother, this blog can help you learn helpful tips and hints and improve your mothering abilities.
  6. Desperately Seeking Sanity: The adventures of a Christian mom who is single, and looking.
  7. Pregnant Women and Babies: Written from a Christian perspective, this blog is about pregnancy and having children.
  8. MomSense: This is the blog about mothering from Christianity Today. A modern look at Christian child-rearing.

Career Blogs

Get some help with your career from these helpful and interesting blogs.

  1. Work It, Mom!: This blog helps you navigate the challenges of developing your career while being a mom.
  2. Jobs and Moms: This career center can help you get tips and tools to excel in your career.
  3. Career Woman Blog: Unlock your potential in your career, even while fulfilling other responsibilities and woman roles.
  4. Be Gutsy Blog: This is a blog focusing on women in the workplace. It also offers a job board for women, and focuses on women for hire.
  5. Women’s Leadership: Gain inspiration from women leaders, and learn how to develop your own leadership skills.
  6. SCORE Women’s Success Blog: Learn about starting your own business and succeeding.
  7. Moms Home Biz Blog: All about starting a work from home business that can help you advance your career while taking care of children at home.
  8. Personal Development for Smart People: This general personal and career development blog can help you get the skills you need to improve your career chances.

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