Top 50 Sports Medicine Blogs

If you are involved with sports medicine, you know that it is important to find good information about better caring for those involved with sports. Sports medicine is becoming increasingly important as we recognize the specific challenges and needs associated with treating injuries caused by participation in sports, as well as keeping bodies healthy and fit for peak athletic performance. Here are 50 of the best sports medicine blogs:

Basic Sports Medicine

800px-Personal_trainer_showing_a_client_how_to_exercise_the_right_way_and_educating_them_along_the_wayThese blogs provide an overview of sports medicine, and include discussions on a number of topics related to sports medicine:

  1. Sports Medicine: Learn about proper injury prevention and more from this blog featured on Suite 101.
  2. Sports Injury Info: Get the basics of sports injury news, and information on what you can do to prevent the sorts of injuries that sideline professional athletes.
  3. The Disabled List: A helpful blog that includes a number of common sports injuries, along with how to treat them.
  4. Sports Injury Clinic: Read about how to avoid sports injuries, and what to do with them if you are injured.
  5. Natural Sports Medicine Blog: Learn about issues in sports medicine and how to stay healthy in a natural way.
  6. Doc for Jocks: This sports medicine professional shares insight and information on remaining healthy while playing sports.
  7. Sports Medicine Blog: This blog covers the essentials of sports medicine.
  8. Spine & Sports Medicine Blog: Get insight into how to prevent spinal injury while engaging in sporting activities.
  9. Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Blog: Dr. Howard Luks offers a look at how to protect yourself from sports injuries.
  10. Basics Sports Medicine: Get an overview of sports medicine and the basics of avoiding sports related injuries.

Procedures and Rehabilitation

Get helpful information on procedures in sports medicine, as well as rehabilitation information.

  1. Rehab and Sports Medicine Blog: This blog features information on rehabilitation from sports injuries.
  2. Movement Science: This blog and podcast includes helpful information on how the body works through movement, and offers insight into sports medicine.
  3. Learn about different injuries and rehab for those injuries.
  4. Physical Therapy: offers this great blog on physical therapy and how you can rehab from injuries.
  5. SMARTT: This blog looks at sports medicine, arthroscopy, rehabilitation, therapy and technology. Learn the latest advancements in science when it comes to sports medicine rehab procedures.
  6. Manual Therapy and Physical Medicine: Learn about physical medicine and manual therapy, and how it can help with sports injuries.
  7. Physical Therapy Exercises: Interesting exercises that can help with sports injury rehabilitation.
  8. 98.6: Dr. Pribut’s Blog: This doctor looks at rehab, and concentrates especially on running injuries.
  9. Commonwealth Sports Medicine: This is an interesting blog from an athlete point of view, helping each other treat sports injuries.
  10. Brent Atwater’s Alternative Sports Medicine: This blog looks at alternative diagnostics and treatments for sports injury rehabilitation.

Sports Training

Learn about proper conditioning so that you train your body to perform well.

  1. Sports Training Blog: Information about techniques and products that can help you improve your sports performance.
  2. Functional Path Training: Learn how to train yourself for better sports performance by following the “functional path.”
  3. Powering Through: This blog is about strength training and conditioning.
  4. Melinda’s Fitness Blog: Get tips on physical conditioning and fitness aimed specifically at women.
  5. Military Fitness Blog: This cool blog helps you train your body the military way.
  6. Fitness Rocks: Train your body for better performance by staying in good shape the health way.
  7. Turbulence Training: Learn how to improve your body’s fitness and conditioning through proper training.
  8. Fitness Trainer Blog: A personal training blog aimed at women, but with great tips for staying in good shape.

Health and Nutrition

Part of avoiding sports injuries and performing at a peak level is to live a healthy lifestyle. These blogs can help you with nutrition and health matters for improved sports performance.

  1. Vitamin Stuff Blog: Learn more about supplements and making sure you get the right nutrients.
  2. Fitness & Health: Dr. Gabe Mirkin offers insight into proper health and fitness.
  3. Sports Nutrition: This blog looks at how you can improve your health and sports performance with proper nutrition.
  4. Advanced Diet and Sports Nutrition Blog: Learn about how an advanced diet can help you improve how you do in sports.
  5. Brad Pilon’s Blog: This is a nutrition blog aimed at helping you improve your health.
  6. Armstrong Podiatry & Sports Health’s Blog: This blog looks at sport health from the perspective of a podiatrist.
  7. Zen to Fitness: Create overall wellness in fitness with this blog aimed at helping you create holistic health.
  8. Fit Buff: Different articles and posts about living a healthy lifestyle and improving your athletic performance.
  9. Lift: Learn about lifestyle choices that can lead to a healthier you.

Specific Sports

Learn about injuries and staying healthy when you play certain sports.

  1. A Trail Runner’s Blog: Stay healthy and avoid injury as a trail runner.
  2. A Passion for Running: This blog looks at how you can get back into it, even if you have been injured.
  3. Yoga Blog: Learn about the benefits of yoga, and how it can help you avoid injury in a number of sports.
  4. Triathlon Training Blog: Get the inside scoop on training for a triathlon and avoiding injury while you do so.
  5. Golf Sports Medicine: Keep injury free while playing golf.
  6. Dr. Josh Dines and Dr. Rock Positano: These two orthopaedic trained docs talk about sports injuries related to soccer and basketball.
  7. Sports Injury Surgery: This blog looks at surgery related to sports injuries.

Anatomy and Physiology

Knowing how the body works and is put together is an essential part of sports medicine. These blogs can help give you an understanding of issues related to how the body works.

  1. Science-Based Medicine: Look at the practice of medicine, and the basics of evidenced based treatments.
  2. Musings of a Distractible Mind: Get an idea of how the body works, and insights into health and wellness, from this primary practice physician.
  3. An Anatomy and Physiology Blog: Learn about the basics of how the human body is put together, how it moves, and how it works.
  4. physiologynews: Get the latest information in physiology and human development.
  5. BooneThink: This blog is devoted to exercise physiology, looking at the way exercise impacts the body.
  6. Anatomy and Physiology Blog: This blog from Sacramento State looks at how the body works, and includes posts on the effects of sports injuries on the body.

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