20 Useful Social Networking Sites for Expecting Mothers

Technology has provided a lot of new understanding about pregnancy and fetal development. We think of ultrasounds a lot, but technology also makes it possible for us to find information using the Internet, and connect with others. If you are interested in sharing pregnancy stories and getting support from women who know exactly how you feel, here are 20 useful social networking sites for expecting moms:

Pregnancy Social Networks

Track your baby’s development, and share stories with other women. Find good advice and support, and develop friendships.

  1. My Pregnancy: This social network is designed to help you show off your growing belly, and share your concerns. Offer advice, share pictures and find support. All provides support for those who are trying to conceive, and those who have had multiple pregnancies. A great place for women to interact.
  2. Pregnancy Social Pages: Watch pregnancy and birth videos, ask questions, provide your own insight, and share with others. This is a great place to learn about pregnancy, as well as interact with others via forums or chat. You can post your own photos and videos, and even find great music.
  3. Wepreggo: This fun and sassy pregnancy social network is all about you and your online friends. Discuss pregnancy challenges and joys, ask questions, and share your story. Pregnancy is a uniquely female experience, and sometimes it is beneficial to share your thoughts and feelings with those who can truly understand you.
  4. Baby Gaga: While there are some tips about parenting and newborns, this social network is mainly aimed at pregnant women. Share ultrasound pictures and videos, get good information, and join discussions. You can also get a free pregnancy tickers to help keep everyone updated on your baby’s development.
  5. What To Expect: This social network features forums, information on conception and pregnancy help. This site is based on the popular book What to Expect When You’re Expecting, and provides a wealth of great information. Get what you need when it comes to knowing what to expect during your pregnancy.
  6. Baby Chums: Interact with other pregnant women, learning about baby products, getting solid advice, and sharing your own insights. Be part of a supportive group of women. Also includes information and helpful hints on carrying for infants and raising children.
  7. My Twin Pregnancy and Beyond: Are you experiencing a multiples birth? If you are going to be the mom of twins — or more! — this site is for you. Geared toward the special challenges faced by mothers of twins, this social networking site can give you some great insight and much needed support.
  8. BabyCenter: Share photos and videos, and interact on the forums. Ask questions and get answers. You can also make use of baby calendars and other fun products and services for your pregnancy. Connect with others and read enlightening articles related to pregnancy and parenting.
  9. Pregnancy Planet: Connect with others on this pregnancy social networking sites. Forum posts include how to talk to your children about your pregnancy, and other interesting topics. Ask and answer questions, read interesting articles, and share photos. Learn about pregnancy around the world.
  10. MothersClick: This social network is meant for new moms and expecting mothers. Get interesting insights on motherhood, becoming a mom, and what to expect. Share your challenges and triumphs, and talk with other pregnant and new moms about the latest pop culture trends. A fun place to enjoy the water cooler with other expecting and new moms.

Parenting/Being a Mom Social Networks

Get helpful parenting advice and interact with other moms. A great way to recharge and find the support you need from great women all over the world.

  1. CafeMom: This is a great place to go to meet moms from all over the world. You can learn about pregnancy, infant care, and raising children through their teens. Vent, play games and get the latest news in the world of mom. Weigh in with your opinion on controversies and the challenges facing moms today.
  2. Super Parenting Social Network: Get parenting news and tips. You can share your insights and frustrations related to parenting and being a mom. Includes helpful advice from other parents striving to be super parents. A great resource for those looking to connect with other parents from around the world.
  3. MomJunction: The place where you can meet with other moms. This is a fun place to share your stories, and find answers to pressing questions. Learn about being a mom, get parenting advice, and share your own thoughts. Forums and groups can be lively and interesting.
  4. Moxie Moms: This web site is a Canadian site offering a fun place to chat with other mothers, and learn about parenting. Also includes awesome deals that can help you save money and find quality products and services. Get to know other moms, and show your own moxie.
  5. Everything Mom: Keep up with what’s going on in the world of mom. A great place to go when you need to escape for a few minutes. Get parenting advice, vent, interact and find great recipes. Also features fun contests and giveaways. You can also get paid for your opinion when you test different products and services.
  6. Mom Logic: This mom community is all about what moms are talking about right now. Discuss controversy, learn tips for smart shopping and staying safe. Talk about issues that are affecting moms and kids right now, and get solid parenting advice, including information for working moms. A great place to go for information, conversation and more.
  7. Posh Mama: Are you a hip mom? If so, this social network is for you. Features fun and fashionable talk, information about celebrities and pop culture happenings. It’s a positive place for women to congregate online, and a fun place to meet and interact with other moms, working moms and stay at home moms alike.
  8. Twitter Moms: If you are interested in connecting with moms via Twitter, this is a good place to go. You don’t even have to be on Twitter to join in on this great social networking site. Get parenting tips, find good deals and chat with other moms. You can also look for meetups and get to know some fantastic new friends in person.

Social Networking for Dads

No reason to leave the dads out. Here are two great social networks for dads to connect. Plus, if you are a mom, you can check these sites out for some good insight.

  1. Brand New Dad: This is a solid social networking site for expecting dads who want to know what to expect, get good parenting advice, and share their stories. You can shop, get advice from the forums, and share your own insight. A great place to go if you are a man who wants to be an active parent.
  2. Odadeo: This social networking site seeks to help you answer this question: “How am I going to be a great dad?” Find tips, make pledges and ask questions. A great place to find support from other dads, and get good parenting advice that can help you be a better husband and father.

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