25 Fun and Helpful Facebook Apps for Your Pregnancy

You know that when you want to see what your baby looks like, and how he or she is progressing in your womb, you need to see an ultrasound technician. However, with current technology, it is possible to track your baby’s likely development, without numerous visits to an ultrasound technician. While you still need to have regular appointments with your health care provider, there are ways for you to track your pregnancy on your own. Indeed, with social media, it is possible to easily share the progress of your pregnancy with friends and family. Here are 25 Facebook apps for your pregnancy:

Pregnancy Trackers and Calendars

PregnancyUse these pregnancy calendars and trackers to record the progress of your pregnancy. You can share updates with your friends and family simply through Facebook.

  1. My Pregnancy: Keep track of all that is happening in your pregnancy. Includes the ability to create a pregnancy album, and to update your Facebook friends with the latest pregnancy news. A fun way to keep a record of this joyful time.
  2. Pregnancy Calendar: Keep track of your pregnancy, get alerts, including information on what to expect at each point in the pregnancy. A helpful and educational Facebook app that keeps you informed, and helps you make better decisions throughout your pregnancy.
  3. Pregnancy Due Date Calculator: Use this calculator to help figure out your due date, and get ready for the happy day. A helpful way to start your baby calendar.
  4. Pregnancy.org Pregnancy Calendar: Keep track of your pregnancy, and personalize it to fit your personality. Also helps you find other pregnant women to talk to. A fun way to track your progress, and get support from women who know what you are going through.
  5. Growing Baby: BabyZone offers a fun pregnancy tracker that helps you see your baby’s growth, as well as helping you receive helpful information for each stage of your pregnancy. Get updates, learn helpful information, and share with your Facebook friends.
  6. Baby Bloom: Share your baby’s progress and track your pregnancy with the help of this fun and informative app from MSN Health.
  7. DivineCaroline’s My Pregnancy: This pregnancy calendar is meant to make it easy for you to share information with your friends and family via Facebook. You and your baby’s progress is shown each week. Personal and fun, and a way to make your pregnancy more “real”, as you track the development of your baby.
  8. Little One Pregnancy Calendar: This calendar and journal can help you record all of the highlights of your pregnancy. You can also follow your baby’s development, and share updates with your family and friends. A great way to learn about fetal development.
  9. Birth Announcement: Helps you create a customized birth announcement page for when your baby is born. The perfect end to a joyful and interesting pregnancy. Even those not on Facebook can access the birth announcement.

Pregnancy Tickers

Fetal DevelopmentPregnancy tickers are fun ways to show how much time is left in your pregnancy, and how things are progressing. Get your pregnancy countdown going!

  1. Lilypie Baby, Pregnancy and Birthday Ticker: Keep track of your baby’s due date with this countdown. And once your baby is born, countdown to his or her birthday! A great ticker that transitions from pregnancy ticker to birthday ticker for your kids.
  2. Pregnancy Countdown: You can enjoy a number of different backgrounds as you countdown your pregnancy. Customize your ticker to reflect your individuality — and your baby’s.
  3. BirthWatch: Graphical ticker that shows your pregnancy, and typical development. Default settings do not share information about your pregnancy during the first trimester, so you do not have to worry about word getting out before you want it to.
  4. Baby & Pregnancy Countdown Ticker: Cool ticker features an animated 3D image of baby’s development, showing from all angles.
  5. Baby Ticker: Fun ticker showing a visual representation of fetal development, and sharing countdown updates with your friends and family on Facebook. Keep up with what is happening inside of you.
  6. Baby & Pregnancy Countdown Ticker 2.1: Another great pregnancy ticker that offers customization and 3D images of fetal development, including some that are animated.
  7. Baby Age Ticker: Counts down your weeks and days of pregnancy. Also helps you keep track of your baby’s age. A fun way to see your baby’s development and get ready for the big day.
  8. Baby Cam: This fun ticker from bellyHood.com offers you a customized ticker. It shows growth of the fetus from a zygote all the way to be ready to come out. Choose your own colors, including how your baby will look as it develops.

Pregnancy Health

Pregnant HealthThere are also pregnancy apps aimed at helping your health during pregnancy, with emphasis on fitness and good diet.

  1. Pregnancy Test: Use this application to determine whether or not you are pregnant. A fun way to figure out whether or not you are pregnant.
  2. Getting Pregnant: This helpful forum in the Mommyhood Facebook application offers health advice and hints on getting pregnant the healthy way. Learn about different fertility methods, and learn about pregnancy in general.
  3. Fit Pregnancy Calendar: This pregnancy calendar is from Fit Pregnancy, and offers information on staying healthy each week that you are pregnant. Full of useful tips and educational information that can help you give your baby the best possible start.
  4. Stages of Pregnancy: Learn about the different stages of pregnancy, and what to expect at each point.
  5. 5 Amazing Pregnancy Facts: Cool application that offers interesting facts about your pregnancy.
  6. Pregnant Belly!: Learn more about pregnancy, and see beautiful pregnant bellies from others. Embrace your pregnancy, and share your own experiences with your big, pregnant belly.
  7. PregNet: This “virtual pregnancy health centre” is designed to help you learn more about pregnancy, health and your options. Includes work out and diet tips, as well as other suggestions for a healthy pregnancy.
  8. Pregnant Mama Gifts: Do you know someone who is pregnant? This app is designed to help you pick out the best gifts for those who are pregnant. And if you are pregnant, there is no reason that you can’t get a special gift for yourself using this app!

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