50 Awesome YouTube Videos to Learn About Pregnancy

Pregnancy is different for every woman, but some issues — such as health, fitness and the growth of the baby follow certain norms. The following 50 awesome YouTube videos can help you learn as much as possible about what is known about a “normal” pregnancy and issues from pre-pregnancy to labor. Additionally, YouTube carries some great videos of ultrasounds and sonograms that can help novices learn more about a baby’s growth in the womb.

Planning PregnancyPre-Pregnancy

  1. Developing and evaluating a pre-pregnancy DVD for diabetes: Dr. Valerie Holmes talks about developing and evaluating a pre-pregnancy DVD for diabetes.
  2. Healthy Women Healthy Families: Planning for Your Pregnancy: Diet, exercise, weight, behavior and Folic Acid are discussed in this video, along with the importance of every woman having a pre-conception health check-up.
  3. How Can I Get Pregnant Quicker: This video, which runs about 10 minutes, provides insight into how to overcome some obstacles for pregnancy.
  4. Hypertension Part 1: Pre-Pregnancy Hypertension: Learn more about high blood pressure prior to pregnancy.
  5. Pre-Pregnancy Check Ups: In this video, Dr. Manny talks about the kinds of exams your doctor will perform to make sure you’ll have a healthy pregnancy.
  6. Pre-Pregnancy Fitness: Preparing Your Body for Pregnancy: Join Parents Ask fitness experts, Robert Reames, Holly Perkins and Ron Matthews for information and great exercises to get you started on the path to a fit pregnancy.
  7. Pre-Pregnancy from Dr. Weil: Dr. Andrew Weil talks about pre-pregnancy health for women, especially stress and dietary matters.
  8. Preparing for Pregnancy: The Health/Science Channel offers a video about how one woman prepares for a second baby.
  9. Trying To Get Pregnant | How To Get Pregnant Fast: Learn about fertilization and ovulation from this short video.
  10. Unplanned Pregnancy: A short list of health issues to think about and to plan for during an unplanned pregnancy.

Pregnancy FitnessPre-Natal Fitness

  1. Baby Body Shape-Up, Part II — Upper Body: Learn safe and effective moves you can do during pregnancy from perinatal Fitness Expert Dara Zall Kelly.
  2. Baby Body Shape-Up, Part III — Core Workout: Perinatal Fitness Expert Dara Zall Kelly takes you through a core training workout that is safe for pregnant women.
  3. Pregnancy Stretching: Great stretches you can do to ease the tension and stress that come with pregnancy, demonstrated by Lawson Harris from Brooklyn’s The Fitness Guru.
  4. Pregnant Exercise – How to strengthen your lower back & abdominals: During pregnancy it is important to strengthen your core. Although your cannot perform crunches, you still can do a lot of static work shown in this video.
  5. Pregnancy Exercise – Warm Up: This warm-up can safely be performed throughout your entire pregnancy.
  6. Pregnancy-Safe Workouts: Ready to strap on your bowling shoes or your pregnancy bathing suit? Your baby-to-be will thank you for (safely) exercising.
  7. Prenatal Fitness: Exercising while pregnant can have long-lasting health benefits. A health expert has some great workout moves for moms-to-be.
  8. Prenatal Workout Video: Part I — Lower Body: Perinatal Fitness Expert Dara Zall Kelly takes you through a lower body workout that you can do during pregnancy.
  9. Prenatal Yoga Pregnancy Exercise #1: Follow Emily Canibano, an ERYT, GFI and Personal Trainer in this Prenatal Flow Yoga Sequence.
  10. Yoga for Pregnancy: Prepare the body for labor! Learn about a series of sitting poses ideal for preparing the body for labor.

Second MonthPregnancy Month-by-Month

  1. Pregnancy: Weeks 1-4 (Month #1): Here’s what to expect during weeks one through four of your pregnancy.
  2. Pregnancy: Weeks 5-8 (Month #2): This video shows you what to expect during month two of your pregnancy, including morning sickness.
  3. Pregnancy: Weeks 9-12 (Month #3): During month three, the embryo transitions to a fetus. Learn more about what’s happening to “Mom’s” body during this month.
  4. Pregnancy Weeks 13-16 (Month #4): Your baby is about the size of an orange this month, and growing! See what’s happening during weeks 13 to 16.
  5. Pregnancy: Weeks 17-20 (Month #5): Your truck-driver’s appetite is a normal, healthy pregnancy symptom during month five. What else is “normal” this month?
  6. Pregnancy: Weeks 21-24 (Month #6): Your baby probably will reach the 1 lb mark by week 25. Learn what else is going on in this video.
  7. Pregnancy: Weeks 25-28 (Month #7): Your baby is probably able to hear and recognize your voice by month seven.
  8. Pregnancy: Weeks 29-32 (Month #8): Morning sickness and other first trimester symptoms may re-appear during month eight.
  9. Pregnancy: Weeks 33-36 (Month #9): Learn more about the physical and emotional issues that are part of the last month of pregnancy.

Fish to AvoidPregnancy and Labor Issues

  1. Alcohol and Pregnancy: An unborn baby and booze are one combination that doesn’t mix well, yet 10 percent of moms-to-be drink anyway.
  2. Avoid Premature Labor, UTIs and B.V. in Pregnancy: Learn how to help urinary tract infections and bacteria vaginosis during pregnancy.
  3. Eating Seafood While Pregnant: There’s a lot more to consider when it comes seafood during pregnancy than just concerns about mercury.
  4. Healthy Pregnancy, Healthy Baby: Prenatal Care: The March of Dimes offers an educational video about prenatal care.
  5. Hypertension Part 2: Gestational Hypertension: This video covers high blood pressure during pregnancy.
  6. Inducing Labor: If you’re considering inducing labor, learn how it’s done first.
  7. Pregnancy and Prescription Drugs: What prescription drugs can you safely take during pregnancy? Which drugs should you avoid?
  8. Prenatal Testing: Nuchal Test: The Nuchal Test can help mothers determine if their babies are likely to have Downs Syndrome.
  9. Problems with Delivery: Learn about possible problems that can arise from a seemingly normal labor and delivery.
  10. Recurrent Pregnancy Loss — Miscarriage: Dr. Mark Perloe, Medical Director at Georgia Reproductive Specialists in Atlanta, explores recurrent miscarriages.
  11. Wendy Ryan pregnancy Test: Wendy Ryan, an ABC Action News anchor, is six months pregnant — and she’s testing out a new baby gender test that claims it can predict your baby’s gender as early as eight weeks.

Sonograms and UltrasoundsPregnancy Imaging

  1. 3D/4D Gender Ultrasound at 18 Weeks: One couple’s experience with discovering the gender of their baby at 18 weeks.
  2. 3rd Trimester Sonograms: During your third trimester, your pregnancy check-ups will probably include a sonogram.
  3. 4D Sonograms: Ultrasounds in 4d is the new frontier for your baby. Learn more about them from this video.
  4. First Trimester Sonograms: Here’s what to expect while lying next to that sonogram machine in the early weeks.
  5. First Trimester Ultrasound: A first trimester ultrasound is important for women who might incur high-risk pregnancies.
  6. Is Your Baby a Boy or a Girl? Learn how you can find out in this video about second trimester sonograms.
  7. IUGR Ultrasound: Ultrasound in a pregnancy case study of a 25-year-old woman who could not remember her last menstrual period.
  8. My first baby sonogram in HD: This is one woman’s first baby sonogram during second-third trimester. You can see backbone, hands, legs and posture.
  9. Third Trimester Ultrasound: This is the ultrasound of a third trimester healthy baby.
  10. Ultrasounds, What You Can Expect to Learn at Your Appointment: This video shows women what ultrasounds can do to help a woman with her pregnancy.

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