50 Pregnancy Experts Worth Following on Twitter

When it comes to pregnancy, you want to have the information you need to make informed decisions and keep your growing baby healthy. You don’t have to be an ultrasound technician to keep track of what is happening with pregnancy. Indeed, you can learn quite a bit by looking online. Technology allows you to connect with a number of qualified experts and health care professionals who can help you learn more about pregnancy. Here are 50 pregnancy experts on Twitter who can help you learn more about pregnancy, and what to expect:

Fertility Issues

Learn more about fertility, and address infertility issues with help from these fertility experts.

  1. @fertilityauthor: Claire understands fertility, and offers interesting information getting pregnant.
  2. @fertilitychick: An interesting look at fertility issues, and the effort to get pregnant.
  3. @SherInstitute:Information from a network of fertility clinics and experts.
  4. @conceive: Learn more about how to conceive, some of the issues related to conception and tips to help you.
  5. @mnt_fertility: This center offers news and information on fertility, including male infertility issues.
  6. @fertilityyoga: This yoga expert is also an expert on how yoga can enhance fertility.
  7. @MyFertilityPlan: Learn more about fertility, how to increase your chances of getting pregnant, and more.
  8. @fertilityearth: A look at fertility news, tips and more.
  9. @pregnancy_hopes: Meant for those trying to get pregnant and interested in fertility issues.

Healthy Pregnancy

Learn more about having a healthy pregnancy, and get tips on keeping your growing baby healthy.

  1. @fitpregnancy: The experts at Fit Pregnancy magazine share insights on a health pregnancy.
  2. @HeidiMurkoff: Author of What to Expect When You’re Expecting offers insights into health pregnancy.
  3. @What_To_Expect: Learn more about pregnancy and learn more about how to be healthy.
  4. @ExpectantMother: A good look at having a health pregnancy, and targeted information for your location.
  5. @PregAwareness: Be aware of how your choices can affect your pregnancy.
  6. @pregnancyorg: Experts discuss pregnancy and better health throughout.
  7. @PregnancyWeekly: Learn more about better pregnancy habits and how you can improve your health.
  8. @TheCradle: Excellent information from pregnancy and childbirth experts.
  9. @PregCompanion: Expert advice and tips on pregnancy, and how to remain healthy during this time.
  10. @babybumpfitness: Learn more about fitness during pregnancy.
  11. @Alisa_Pregnancy: Shares information on pregnancy and fit pregnancy.

High Risk/Difficult Pregnancy

Get tools, tips and information from experts on how to handle difficult pregnancies, as well as high risk pregnancies. Includes some great insights on multiples pregnancies.

  1. @PregnancyIssues: Focuses on issues related to pregnancy, difficulties during pregnancy and more.
  2. @micropreemies: About preemies. Learn about pregnancies that end early.
  3. @TheTwinners: Learn about having a twin pregnancy and other aspects of high risk pregnancies.
  4. @Lyrehca: This expert can help you learn to balance pregnancy with diabetes.
  5. @Jennandtonica: This mom knows about multiples and the difficulties that type of pregnancy can present.
  6. @idoiagkikas: A good look at twin pregnancy and other multiples issues.
  7. @speedglenn: Learn more about coping with a difficult pregnancy. These tweets are protected, though.
  8. @chamberlynmarks: Learn about bed rest and find tips for getting through a tough pregnancy.
  9. @achronicdose: Information on chronic disease, including coping during pregnancy.

Labor and Delivery

Learn what you need to know about labor and delivery. Includes insights from L & D nurses.

  1. @nursemidwife: Learn more about pregnancy, labor, delivery and more from this nurse midwife.
  2. @SarahStewart: This nurse educator is also very knowledgeable about midwifery and childbirth.
  3. @NFP_nursefamily: A look at mothers’ health and children. Includes information on pregnancy and childbirth from a nurse practitioner perspective.
  4. @macobyn: This MD knows about pregnancy and childbirth, and provides valuable insight.
  5. @academicobgyn: More information on childbirth and pregnancy issues from a physician.
  6. @Contemporaryob: Focusing on women’s health care, this pregnancy expert knows about childbirth, and is dedicated to providing information on all your options.

Natural Childbirth

Find out more about natural childbirth, homebirth and related issues. Includes some insights from midwives and doulas.

  1. @BirthwaysDoulas: Learn more about natural childbirth from Jeanette McCulloch, a pregnancy and early parenting expert and doula.
  2. @midwifeamy: This midwife knows about birth, and about using variety natural methods. Writes for Lamaze International.
  3. @obgynrebel: This Ob/Gyn sees room for change in the current situation. A great look at natural options.
  4. @birthispowerful: More on how you can be empowered through giving birth.
  5. @tranquildoula: This birth doula shares information about natural childbirth and more.
  6. @greenmidwife: More about natural birth and green birthing from this midwife.
  7. @BornDoula: Learn more about natural childbirth options and information that can help you have a better experience.
  8. @PUSHds: A look at natural childbirth, tips for having a natural pregnancy and more information about natural health.
  9. @BirthingWithin: More on natural childbirth options, holistic pregnancy and more. Helpful information and education on natural pregnancy.


Get the skinny on breastfeeding. Learn more about this, and learn how you can keep yourself healthy in order to help provide nutrition for your new baby.

  1. @HygeiaKate: Breastfeeding expert shares insight and more on the benefits of breastfeeding.
  2. @BreastfeedingM: The magazine on breastfeeding offers helpful information and tips for breastfeeding.
  3. @TheBFCenter: Experts from the Breastfeeding Center offer advice, tips and more, as well as news on mother and baby health.
  4. @Breastfeeding_:Learn to be comfortable with breastfeeding, and learn tips for better breastfeeding.
  5. @BreastfeedBaby: Information, tools, tips and insights on breastfeeding, women’s health and baby health.
  6. @_breastfeeding: International expert on breastfeeding shares insights, news, research and more related to pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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