Top 40 Web Tools to Find Ultrasound Technician Jobs

If you’re seeking a job as an ultrasound technician, sonographer, echo tech, or ultrasonographer after you graduate with your degree, you might be looking in the wrong places. While large job sites are great to get a feel of what’s available, you also can use organizational sites, job-specific sites, hospital sites and recruiters to find jobs. This list of the top 40 Web tools to find ultrasound technician jobs provides that resource for you, where you can search quickly and easily for your specific concentration in the medical imaging field.

Only a handful of hospital sites are listed below, only to provide you with an idea of what to look for in hospital medical imaging jobs.

ultrasoundSpecific Job Searches

  1. AIUM Career Center: AIUM (American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine) Career Center is the premier electronic recruitment resource for the industry.
  2. Cardiac Ultrasound Tech Jobs: One place to search specifically for openings in this career option.
  3. Echo Cardiographer: has assembled a complete and up-to-date look at the Echocardiographer job market, salary trends, training requirements, licensing, and certification information.
  4. Get Diagnostic Medical Sonography Jobs: A site that focuses entirely on medical sonography jobs and networking.
  5. Health Imaging Hub: This link leads to a page where jobs in radiography, PACS and more are listed and updated daily.
  6. Hot Radiology Jobs: Post your resume and browse through jobs that cover just about every field within the ultrasound profession.
  7. iHire Radiology: Search thousands of Radiology Jobs from this site’s exclusive job postings, internet job boards, newspapers, and classified ads.
  8. Radiology Technologist Jobs: Learn about ultrasound jobs at radRounds Web site. Look to the left menu to see more choices.
  9. RadiologyWorkers: This site carries a directory that allows users to dig down for jobs by state.
  10. Radworking: All jobs posted at this site are renewed or purged every 60 days.
  11. RSG Australia: This company specializes in the recruitment and placement of Sonographers throughout Australia both as locum and permanent staff.
  12. RT Students Radiology Job Board: While jobs listed here are not numerous, they are appropriate for students who have just acquired a degree.
  13. RT Jobs: Seek jobs in radiology, imaging and radiation oncology at this site.
  14. Soliant Health’s Ultrasound Technologist Jobs: Soliant Health can help you leverage the growing need for ultrasound technologists with a great job, virtually anywhere in the country.
  15. SVU Online Job Center: The Society for Vascular Ultrasound offers technicians job opportunities on this page.
  16. Ultrasound Jobs: This site is the official ARDMS partner career site.
  17. Ultrasound Tech Career Search: Search for jobs and network with other medical professionals at this site.
  18. Ultrasound Technician Jobs: This site provides a simple search engine to find jobs by city, state or zip and by job title.
  19. Ultrasound Technologist Jobs: Search for an ultrasound job and upload your resume.

A Teaching Hospital in CanadaOther Job Searches

  1. Banner Health: This medical system has a job search board that allows you to seek a job as a medical imaging technologist at any one of their locations in seven states.
  2. Faulkner Hospital Jobs: This Washington Post search provides a way to search through nationwide requests for jobs throughout this hospital system. Plenty of tech jobs available, including ultrasound.
  3. Imaging Technology Jobs at MemorialCare Health System: Located in California, this health care system actively recruits imaging techs.
  4. Tenet Healthcare Corporation: Look to this company to find jobs with them in the ultrasound field.
  5. Massachusetts General Hospital Job Descriptions: This hospital regularly recruits imaging specialists for their multiple locations.
  6. New York County Jobs: This link leads to ultrasound technician jobs in New York County, New York (you can search for other jobs, such as sonographer, etc.). It is one example of a site that focuses on a given area within the country.

Medical ImagingMedical Job Searches and Recruiters

  1. 4AliedHealth Jobs: This page in this health care job search site focuses specifically on ultrasound jobs.
  2. Advance for Healthcare Careers: This search engine allows users to look for radiology jobs by location.
  3. All Healthcare Jobs: This site provides job opportunities in ultrasound as well as in other health imaging jobs.
  4. Allied Health Employment: This site offers job searches in New Zealand, Australia, the Middle East and in the UK. Not all jobs are centered on medical imaging, but they are all medical positions.
  5. Aureus Medical Group: Turn to Aureus for the best local contract, national contract (travel) and direct hire opportunities nationwide.
  6. CoreMedical Group: CoreMedical Group is a national healthcare staffing company specializing in travel and permanent placement of medical personnel positions in hospitals and healthcare facilities across the U.S.
  7. Health Career Web: Use this medical job search site to find jobs in sonography and ultrasound.
  8. Health Direction: This site carries medical jobs and lists ultrasound technician jobs. You can search by state or by specific job.
  9. HealthStaff Recruitment: HealthStaff Recruitment in Australia is seeking expressions of interest from Radiographers with skills in a variety of specialties.
  10. Med Travelers: This company is an AMN Healthcare company that matches qualified allied healthcare professionals to temporary assignments and permanent positions.
  11. MedHunters: This link leads directly to ultrasound and sonography jobs within this medical job search site.
  12. Medical Workers: This link leads to ultrasound jobs, but you can search for other radiology positions through their search engine.
  13. PhysiciansJobsPlus: Don’t let the name of the site turn you away — this site carries a number of radiology jobs for those who search for them (this link takes you to a list).
  14. SA International: SA International finds medical jobs in Saudi Arabia for medical professionals, including Allied Health Professionals.
  15. Stat Group Medical Jobs: If you want to travel with your job as an ultrasound tech, a radiologist or as an X-ray tech, visit this site to learn more.

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