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When it comes to pregnancy, you want to have the information you need to make informed decisions and keep your growing baby healthy. You don’t have to be an ultrasound technician to keep track of what is happening with pregnancy. Indeed, you can learn quite a bit by looking online. Technology allows you to connect with a number of qualified experts and health care professionals who can help you learn more about pregnancy. Here are 50 pregnancy experts on Twitter who can help you learn more about pregnancy, and what to expect:


You know that when you want to see what your baby looks like, and how he or she is progressing in your womb, you need to see an ultrasound technician. However, with current technology, it is possible to track your baby’s likely development, without numerous visits to an ultrasound technician. While you still need to have regular appointments with your health care provider, there are ways for you to track your pregnancy on your own. Indeed, with social media, it is possible to easily share the progress of your pregnancy with friends and family. Here are 25 Facebook apps for your pregnancy:


Pregnancy can be a fascinating and joyful time. There are many changes going on inside your body. Even before the fetus inside you can be seen via ultrasound, growth and development are taking place. Pregnancy really is a time for you to learn and grow, and to enjoy the baby developing within you. Here are 17 infographics that can help you learn about pregnancy:

If you are involved with sports medicine, you know that it is important to find good information about better caring for those involved with sports. Sports medicine is becoming increasingly important as we recognize the specific challenges and needs associated with treating injuries caused by participation in sports, as well as keeping bodies healthy and fit for peak athletic performance. Here are 50 of the best sports medicine blogs: (more…)

Your pregnancy can be hard on your body. The good news is that you can reduce the impact that pregnancy has on your body by following some basic health and beauty tips. You want to have a healthy pregnancy, and the best thing you can do is to take care of yourself. Here are 50 excellent health and beauty tips that can aid you in having a happier, healthier pregnancy. (more…)