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Ultrasound technicians, also called sonographers, are becoming more and more sought after, as this technology has improved significantly since the days when it was only used to monitor pregnancies. Today, ultrasound technicians work in many fields of medicine. Some still work with OB-GYNs to provide images of fetuses, while others use sonography equipment to look at the abdomen, blood vessels, or even brain. Sonography is vital in diagnosing disease quickly, so this work environment is fast-paced. If you thrive in that kind of job, the ultrasound technician career path might be perfect for you – and that starts with getting a solid education.

Ultrasound technician schools can offer either two-year or four-year programs. Unlike many medical careers, you don’t have to be licensed or certified to become a sonographer. However, more and more employers are making this a personal requirement, so applicants who haven’t completed an accredited program may find it nearly impossible to get hired at a reputable hospital or physician’s office. In other words? You need an education to go anywhere in this field. There are nearly 150 accredited ultrasound technician programs in the United States, so you have a wide range of options. Unfortunately, all of these programs are expensive.

One popular financial aid choice for students in any field is the college grant. Grants are similar to scholarships in that you don’t have to repay them when you complete your program, like you do with student loans. However, whereas scholarships are given based on merit, grants are given based on financial need. Even if you didn’t have the best grades in high school or don’t know how to kick a football or play the flute, you can still receive free money for college.

Where can you find great ultrasound technician school grants? Most grants actually come from the government, so begin with national, state, and local resources. However, there are also some organizations that sponsor grants. The American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine offered a $10,000 grant for clinical and basic science ultrasound research projects annually, with a deadline in November. You can also look to the American College of Phlebology to fund research related to your education, as they have a number of grants available to ultrasound technician students.

In addition, consider talking to your employer about ultrasound grant options. Sometimes, the government has grants available to employers specifically to fund education of their employees. Most hospitals and other health organizations are glad to sign the paperwork if you do the research and legwork it takes to apply for the grant. Remember, grant applications can be much longer than applications for scholarships, and you may have to go into great detail about your educational plans.

Try not to let that deter you, though. With higher education, you can earn more money as an ultrasound technician, and it will be easier to find a job or be selected for a promotion. Grants are one of the best ways to make higher education possible.

Top Online Ultrasound Tech Degree Programs

Having a degree in the healthcare field is a wise move for anyone looking to become a part of a growing medical field. Becoming an ultra sound tech generally requires some formal training, with the most popular form of education being a two-year degree in a field such as medical assisting, as there aren't really any degrees specific to ultrasound technicians. The following schools offer accredited online degree programs in related healthcare fields.

Purdue University
AS in Medical Assisting
Purdue University - The medical assisting program from Purdue University, while not an ultrasound technologist degree program, is a related healthcare service program and a flexible and affordable way for anyone to train to become a certified ultrasound technician. Graduates of this program are eligible to take the Certified Medical Assistant examination given by the American Association of Medical Assistants. Purdue also offers a program in health information technology.
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Ultimate Medical Academy
AS in Medical Billing & Coding
AS in Health Sciences - Pharmacy Technician
AS in Health Sciences - Healthcare Technology & Systems
AS in Health Sciences - Medical Administrative Assistant
Ultimate Medical Academy - The Healthcare Technology and Systems degree from Ultimate Medical Academy is an associate's level degree program that is geared toward working professionals looking to begin their careers within the medical industry. Graduates of this program will be prepared for a variety of positions in hospitals, private practices, home health agencies, and more. UMA also offers a health science degree for becoming a Pharmacy Technician.
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Rasmussen College
AAS in Health IT
Rasmussen College - The healthcare information technology program allows students to learn medical coding skills when obtaining an A.A.S. degree from Rasmussen College. Note: This is not an ultrasound tech degree. Students learn to the techniques and skills required for maintaining patient files, medical records and disseminating data needed within their medical agency. Enrollees will also be required to receive management and supervisory training.
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