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If you want a career as an ultrasound technician (or “sonographer“), your first step is to get a two-year or four-year degree with an accredited program. Not all programs are created equally, however. For the best chance at finding a high-paying job, you need an education from a top ultrasound technician school. So, which schools are best for this field?

First, determine whether you want to go to college online or off. Yes, there are many online ultrasound technician schools, and these programs are often as good – or better – than programs found at brick-and-mortar colleges. At an online school, you can learn at your own pace with the freedom to be flexible, but at the same time, there are no face-to-face interactions with other students or professors. There are both advantages and disadvantages of online educational programs.

Recently, US News ranked ultrasound and sonography programs available, creating a list of the top ultrasound technician schools. There’s more than one way to determine the school that is “best,” though. How do you determine the right school for you?

Start by looking at your potential professors and the size of class you can expect. The best schools will have small class sizes, complete with professors who have experience in ultrasound technology. Avoid schools that have classes taught by teaching assistants or mainly adjunct and non-tenured professors. You should also look at your specific program. For example, just because an ultrasound technician school is widely known as a top schools for cardiovascular sonography doesn’t mean that it is also a top ultrasound technician school for OB-GYN sonography.

Another mark of a good school is their after-graduation programs. Does the college help you find a job or sponsor alumni career fairs? Do they set up internships? What is their success rate of students working in their field of choice within two years of graduation? While it may seem tedious to ask, all of these questions should be directed to your admissions counselor. Don’t forget, when you’re being interviewed for potential admission to the school, you are also auditioning the school to be your final choice. A college that doesn’t have a high success rate or doesn’t sponsor programs to help students finds jobs is probably not the school for you.

Luckily, you have plenty of choices. For students who want the top degree in their field, there are currently 25 options for accredited ultrasound technician programs that offer bachelor’s degrees. The top school depends on your concentration. All of these colleges have a general concentration, but only some have specialized programs for those wishing to concentrate on a specific sonography area. Of course, you can also find great programs if you simple wish to get your associate’s degree. You’ll have a lot more choices of schools if that’s the case!

Sometimes what others consider to be the best isn’t necessarily what is best for you. Look for a school that feels like a good fit with your personality, be it an online school or an offline school. Ask questions, learn about the college’s program requirements, and check out job placement programs offered after you graduate. Do your homework now, and you’ll thank yourself for finding a great school later.

Top Online Ultrasound Tech Degree Programs

Having a degree in the healthcare field is a wise move for anyone looking to become a part of a growing medical field. Becoming an ultra sound tech generally requires some formal training, with the most popular form of education being a two-year degree in a field such as medical assisting, as there aren't really any degrees specific to ultrasound technicians. The following schools offer accredited online degree programs in related healthcare fields.

Purdue University
AS in Medical Assisting
Purdue University - The medical assisting program from Purdue University, while not an ultrasound technologist degree program, is a related healthcare service program and a flexible and affordable way for anyone to train to become a certified ultrasound technician. Graduates of this program are eligible to take the Certified Medical Assistant examination given by the American Association of Medical Assistants. Purdue also offers a program in health information technology.
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Ultimate Medical Academy
AS in Medical Billing & Coding
AS in Health Sciences - Pharmacy Technician
AS in Health Sciences - Healthcare Technology & Systems
AS in Health Sciences - Medical Administrative Assistant
Ultimate Medical Academy - The Healthcare Technology and Systems degree from Ultimate Medical Academy is an associate's level degree program that is geared toward working professionals looking to begin their careers within the medical industry. Graduates of this program will be prepared for a variety of positions in hospitals, private practices, home health agencies, and more. UMA also offers a health science degree for becoming a Pharmacy Technician.
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Rasmussen College
AAS in Health IT
Rasmussen College - The healthcare information technology program allows students to learn medical coding skills when obtaining an A.A.S. degree from Rasmussen College. Note: This is not an ultrasound tech degree. Students learn to the techniques and skills required for maintaining patient files, medical records and disseminating data needed within their medical agency. Enrollees will also be required to receive management and supervisory training.
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